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Cameron  Fine Art Gallery , a member of the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers, has been serving its clientele with quality antiques and paintings since 1979. We handle Canadian, American and British antiques from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as European, American and Canadian works of art, including the Group of Seven and their contemporaries.

We are interested in purchasing Canadian works of art by Maud Lewis, Robert Pilot, Stanley Royle, Jack Lorimer Gray, Alex Colville, Ernest Lawson, Maud Lewis, J.E.H. MacDonald, F.S. Coburn, Mabel Day, Elizabeth Cann, Anthony Law, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald, Anne Savage, Robert Harris, Joseph Purcell, W.J. Phillips, Manly E. MacDonald, C. Krieghoff, Frank Hans Johnston, Ted Harrison, John Hammond, Emily M. Carr, Molly Lamb Bobak, John O'Brien, Edith and Lewis Smith, Henry Mortikar Rosenberg, Donald Curley, Marion Bond, Frances Jones Bannerman, Leroy Zwicker, Walter Joseph Phillips, Earl Bailly and William deGarthe,Alexander Francois Loemans, Frank Hennessy and Pegi Nicol MacLeod.

Please contact us for a personal appraisal of your antiques and fine art for insurance and other purposes.

Current Inventory - (Canadian) Jack Lorimer Gray, Henry Mortikar Rosenberg, R.H. Lindsay, Earl Bailly, Alexander Colville, Donald Curley, Everett Lewis, Maud Lewis, Mabel K. Day, Elizabeth Cann, Canadian School, Leslie Langille Benson, Christina Bergstresser,Charles Hannaford, William deGarth, Robert Harris, William Kurelek, Frank Iacurto, Ted Harrison, William P. Weston, Georges Chavignaud, George Horne Russell, A.J. Casson, A.Y. Jackson, Anne Savage, F.M. Knowles, Eric Riordon, F.S. Cobourn, Anthony Law, Stanley Royle, John Hammond, Marion Bond, Maud Lewis, Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald, F.H. Varley, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Susanne Lansonius, Jose Valverde, Ralph Burton, Earl Bailly, Harry Britton, Henrietta Hancock, Joseph Purcell, Gyrth Russell, Margaret Semple, Alexander Loemans, Richard Jack and a collection of paintings by Gertrude E.Spurr Cutts (International) A. deBreanski Jr.., Pal Fried, Stephen Seymour Thomas, Edmund Blair Leighton, Felix S. Brissot , Percy Gray (Attrib.) Frederick Walter Lee, Charles Wheeler, Charles Soubre, George Cetl, W.B. Spencer, Cyril Tempest, Henry John Yeend King, H.M. Krause, George Sheriden Knowles and others.

Contact at:

Wayne L. Cameron Fine Art Gallery

101 Valley Road

Chester, Nova Scotia

Canada B0J 1J0

(902) 275-3521or 273-3111





Now available--our new publication, Stonehurst by the Sea, a glimpse into the art and lives of colleagues Jack Lorimer Gray and Joseph Douglas Purcell.

**Watch for regular updates as we introduce new inventory.